Firestop Nordic

With background in the timber industry, FireStop Nordic has invented and developed a product that can be used for fire impregnation of wood and building materials. The FireStop product can also be used as an additive in fire-fighting context. The product is a 100 per cent. organic product and contains no toxic chemicals. The product is harmless to humans, animals and the environment and is biodegradable.


Future construction is impregnated with FireStop – Protect your building against fire and use FireStop A preventive fire fighting is essential when it comes to constructing a new building. FireStop is therefore a natural choice as materials treated with FireStop can not be ignited and thus protects the building against fire damage.


FireStop is an effective and environmentally friendly product used for firefighting. You can use it in the home, your cottage, boat, in the caravan in the garden, at the grill and in any other places where there is a risk of fire.

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